Email documents to SharePoint, save with metadata related fields

Email documents to SharePoint is a function in Dynamics SPO- CRM solution, allowing automated plugin to upload, to a SharePoint location, documents attached to an Email, sent to designated CRM Queue, and update three metadata / columns, in SharePoint.
There are 3 metadata fields saved in SharePoint columns, which are extracted from the Email:

-        Party related emails, if the email is part of email communication chain.

-        Filtered words from the body of the Email

-        The Email Subject Line

If the metadata storing subject line or body of email are picklist (option set), the plug in will select the option that matches the word saved in subject line or in the body of the Email.

If the incoming Email to the CRM Queue has more than one attachment, all attached documents are saved to SharePoint, using the same metadata, which helps SharePoint users finding related documents to one subject.

Metadata (columns) and views are better and the recommended alternative to managing documents in folders. Metadata provides descriptive information about the document. Views are using the metadata for grouping, filtering and sorting documents in an organized and methodological way.

Once the Email is received in CRM Queue, as queue item, it triggers a plugin workflow that automate the above described process. Watched in the video on this page.

The plugin set-up is in the configuration page of the solution, in CRM>Settings>Solutions>select and open Dynamics SharePoint Organizer solution.

The first tab: SharePoint Connection, is where login details to SharePoint, are entered. The SharePoint Location is the folder, in SharePoint, where the documents are saved. The plugin can be enables / disabled by selecting the “Enable Email to SharePoint” option.

File types allowed to be uploaded to SharePoint, as well as metadata configuration, is done in Email to SharePoint tab. Words from the Email body are filtered based on rules, and can be excluded, by uploading a file listing words to be excluded, or entering them manually in the “Exclude Words” text box. You can also limit the number of words to be saved in the metadata column, if the forwarded Email is part of long Email exchange.

Email Documents to SharePoint

Watch this video on how documents emailed to CRM Queue are uploaded to SharePoint & saved with their related metadata fields

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