Dynamics CRM Integration with SharePoint

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer - SPO

SharePoint and Dynamics CRM are excellent two standalone products. Integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint is disappointing to say the least. It takes few clicks to integrate CRM and SharePoint, which creates folders in SharePoint, in the context of Dynamics CRM entities. 

You deserve better than the out-of-box CRM and SharePoint integration:

Uploading documents from CRM to SharePoint is cumbersome process. It creates cluttered and unorganized documents repository system, that does not help you to find your needed information, as documents and files are all over the place, stored in many folders, and with no content based metadata.

CRM Out-Of-Box Integration with SharePoint CRM installed with SharePoint Organizer

Many step to upload one file:

  • navigate away from the form to Common>Documents, to reach the “Upload” function,
  • Documents related to the entity, like notes and Emails, must firstly be saved to hard disk
  • Browse and find documents in hard disk, select and upload.
  • Only one document at a time can be uploaded in one operation.

One step to upload files:

  • Dynamics SPO button is displayed in entities configured to upload files to SharePoint. One click to select an upload files attached to Notes, attached to Emails or from hard disk.
  • Files are displayed and allow the selection of one or more file in one upload operation

Folders naming and structure

  • Folder names are dictated by Microsoft, and their names are the entity name.
  • one folder cannot share an upload from 2 or more entities (one to one only)

Configurable folder system in SharePoint

  • User configured names
  • One folder can serve one or more CRM entities


Minimal Metadata

  • Three only metadata columns: Name, Modified (date), and Modified by
  • No reference or way to trace back the source of the file in CRM


Configurable Metadata

  • Up to 10 additional metadata, relevant to the uploaded files, configured (selected) from entity attributes
  • One GUID reference to the file source (record) in CRM
  • All files uploaded from same record share same metadata, and can be found as a group
  • Files uploaded from different records of different entities, can be linked via related / shared attributes of 2 or more entities.

CRM entities have attributes, some attributes link different records from different entities. These attributes are used by Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO), as metadata columns in SharePoint.

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer has two main functions:

1.      Upload documents to SharePoint, by emailing the documents to CRM Queue - READ MORE

2.      Configurable system to upload files to SharePoint, with metadata from CRM records - READ MORE

Dynamics CRM with the Solution

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer - SPO

Dynamics CRM with the Solution

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer - SPO

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