Many Price Lists (discounts) in Single Quote Form

In CRM out-of-the-box, the quote form provides you the selection of one price list per quote. The assumption is that the client, that the price quotation is prepared for, entitled to one set of price discount, which is expressed in the selected price list. The OOB CRM does not provide different price lists (discounts) for different products. To apply special discount for a product in the piece quotation, one needs to calculate and enter it manually. In a solution we developed for a client, we replace the product grid with customized product grid. It looks and works similar to the original product grid with extra field to select a price list per item (product). In this case, the user firstly selects the Quote Price List, which dictates the products of a selected manufacturer the user is going to quote on, and then for each product the user can select different price list, as shown in the below image.