Dynamics Locations - Location Analytics for Business Intelligence

Dynamics Locations is an application suite for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which provides businesses with tools to analyse prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors, users and other CRM entities based on their absolute and relative locations to other CRM entities. With Dynamics Locations, you make better decisions and optimize business and sales processes, create visit planning, manage sales and service territories and automat Lead assignment.

Add Latitude and Longitude Coordinates to CRM Entities
Dynamics Locations workflows convert any field of CRM record that stores an address / location, to latitude and longitude values, as soon as the address fields are created or modified. Address verification is an important step to ensure that the correct address is entered to CRM that matches the calculated Latitude and Longitude values using Google or Bing maps. Address verification can start at the Lead Qualification stage of CRM. You can save resources by adding the fields Latitude & Longitude to the mapped fields of the Lead entity to automatically update the corresponding fields in account and contact records, when qualifying the lead (Customize the System>Lead>1:N Relationship>Contact _ Original _ Lead>Mapping).


Add Bearing and Distance values
Based on the latitude and longitude values stored in a record, Dynamics Locations Workflows can calculate the distance and bearing of the location relative to another record of related entity.


The workflow returns the following values:

  • Distance as crow flies
  • Driving Distance (KM, Miles)
  • Driving Time (Minutes)
  • Walking Time (Minutes)
  • Public Transport Time (Minutes)
  • Bearing (0-360 degrees)

As an example, the workflow can calculate and return the above values  for a Contact relative to an outlet store or the distance between an account to the organization’s main office relative to the distance to a competitor.

Find Nearest entity, based on location
Using the returned parameters of Dynamics Location Workflows we can dynamically calculate and find a target entity that is located near to a record of another entity and assign (link) the target entity to the workflow record. As an example, by storing the address location of CRM users in the Users entity, a workflow on Contact entity will find the User which is nearest to the contact and assign it as the owner of the contact record. Find nearest can calculate the distance as crow flies or as driving distance. 


Assign records to Territory
Using the returned parameters of Dynamics Location Workflows we can dynamically find all the records within distances and bearing boundaries and assign these records (link them) to a record of another entity.


View Accounts and Contacts Records on Map
Using Advance Find, Accounts or Contacts lists view, CRM User can select records and display them on a map. Records can be grouped by owners, territories or any other field used for grouping records.
We provide tailored solutions to display on map, records of any customized entity.


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