Shopping Cart for CRM Portal with Payment Gateway

Offer products and services from any CRM entity for your clients to purchase from CRM Portal using Dynamics Shopping Cart module.

Add items to basket, and proceed to Checkout for payment.

Solution includes:

CRM Shopping Cart Configuration Wizard (FREE) – Step by step Wizard to configure Dynamics CRM portal to display products or services as shopping list, view prices and product’s details read from CRM, and download product's related documentation.

Credit Card Payment Gateway – your client can now pay with credit card for products and services purchased online.

When purchasing process is completed two new records are created in CRM:

Payment record – stores the client's details.

Basket record – stores the item purchased online.

Store Plug In – Background processes triggered when Checkout process is completed, to generate invoices, create new leads, and link Account, Contact to the transaction.

Each module is optional - some are FREE of charge

Download all three components of Dynamics CRM Portal Shopping Cart, using the form on this page.

Cart configurator is completely FREE – No strings attached.

Allow clients to select products or services, and create an order they can pay at later stage.

Credit Card Payment Gateway – can be fully tested in Sandbox or Production. In Production, and without purchasing the license, the maximum amount that can be processed is $5.
Start with free Shopping Cart, add payment gateway at later stage.

Store Plug In – the solution can be downloaded and tested free, with the built in two-week free trial period.

Start with the free Shopping Cart, add Plug-In module at later stage.

Click here to download Shopping Cart Wizard Configuration document


VIDEO- Shopping Cart for CRM Portal

List of Products or Services to Purchase

View Product Details, Download Related Documents

Pay by Credit Card



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