Add “Pay Now” button and QR code to invoice and statement documents

Get paid faster by adding “Pay Now” button and QR Code to invoices and statements, emailed as PDF attachments to clients to pay on line on Dynamics CRM Portal.

Create link between invoice / statement and CRM portal, to allow clients to view invoice / statement details, query an invoice and pay what they owe. 

Add “Pay Now” button to any PDF document, while in the Email form.  Select from the available attachments to which PDF document to add the button and QR code. The button and QR code are always inserted as the last object on the PDF file.

Insert “Pay Now” button and QR code with CRM workflow as integrated solution to convert the document to PDF file with Dynamics PDF-Docs, and then add “Pay Now” button and QR code as one automated workflow.
Read more about Dynamics PDF-Docs to PDF documents with one click of a button.

Incentives to pay now

The URL behind “Pay Now” button and QR code contains details to link back to CRM. With this methodology we can create sophisticated incentive system for clients paying within predefined time lap by recording the time the workflow generated and sent the email and actual time of payment.

Watch how Pay Now button amd QR code are inserted in PDF document

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