Off the Shelf Template
CRM Portal that offers Products and Services with Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway.

Live demo available:

Description and fubctionality

The Products button lists of all products read from CRM are displayed.

The list can be sorted by categories and filtered by price range

An image / picture is displayed for each product together short description, category, model and price (recommended retail price and special price)

By clicking the Details button further details regarding the product are displayed with more images. You can now select to add to cart.

The Cart button lists all selected items. You can remove items or continue shopping and add more items

When placing an order the user is asked for contact details, billing and delivery addresses which then proceeds to credit card payment gateway.

When the process is completed the following records are created / updated:

New_products:  This  entity used to store the Products.

Supplier: used to store the supplier information in this entity .

Order processing 

Cart - When adding items to Cart a new cart record is created

Cart Items - List of products added to cart.

Order/Order products - When the order process is completed and payment is confirmed by credit card provider, the cart and cart items are transferred to  Order and Order products records.

Payment Transaction – When payment process is completed successfully the payment’s details are stored in this entity.

Wish list / Wish list Items – Stores details of  items client is considering purchasing them, but not yet in cart.