Virtual Entity Web-services

Virtual entity is a custom entity that has fields containing data read from an external data source, a feature released in Dynamics 365 version 9.

With virtual entities you connect directly to external data source, and data is displayed at runtime, rather than stored in CRM database, as with “normal” entities. The data source can be the SQL server of an ERP system, price list, foreign currency rate of exchange, client’s credit limit vs credit used, outstanding amount for unpaid invoices, and stock levels.

Virtual entity feature is promoted as new and easier way to integrate data from external sources, with no need for full development cycle. This is partially true as the data source has to offer an OData v4 endpoint, for which you do need developers to create these custom endpoints. A solution Dynamics Objects provides in the form of cloud web-service that converts data from SQL database and from Excel spreadsheet to formatted ODATA v4 endpoint. With Dynamics Objects web-service for virtual entities, everyone can now display data from external SQL database and Excel spreadsheet. All you need to do is to configure the entity and enter the connection parameters in Virtual Entity Data Source.

Virtual Entity Web-service licensing is different to any other software license, encouraging resellers to pay yearly subscription and resell the service as many times as they can, and hence significantly reduce the cost to end-users.

For data sources other than SQL & Excel, we provide FREE of charge conversion to ODATA v4 endpoint at no extra cost, if we are provided with access to the data source.

Try Virtual Entity Web Service for free

There is no solution to import to CRM.
To try Virtual Server Web-services, you need to configure CRM to read from data source, and create the virtual entity, as per the instructions in the following documents:

Download: Virtual Entity SQL Datasource.PDF

Download: Virtual Entity Excel Datasource.PDF

Download: How to install local web-services.PDF

Local web services are required if the data source is not on external IP (the data source is on local network)


Virtual Entity
Web-service License Explained

Dynamics CRM Resellers, software developers, and ISV can purchase Virtual Entity Web-service License for US$950 per year. Upon paying the yearly license fee, the reseller is assigned with unique Product Key. The purchaser can then use this unique Product Key whenever Virtual Entity Web-services is implemented for your customers. The purchaser receives one only Product Key, and upon paying the yearly subscription the key is renewed for another year. The key is not limited by the number of customers it is resold to, or the total number of CRM instances, and it is valid as long as the yearly license fees are paid.

The license is granted on fair use basis. The key is only for the use of the purchaser and their direct customers. Disclosing the Product Key publicly voids the license.

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