Recurring Invoices / Subscription Invoicing System

If you offer clients periodical services or subscription-based products, you need to invoice them, usually once a month or within agreed billing cycle. Dynamics Workflows version 5 provides flexible system to create recurring invoices based on Invoice Templates, Invoice Line Items Templates, and workflows to automatically generate invoices every billing cycle and for the exact number of invoices required in a billing period.

Here are the steps to create automated recurring invoices system:

  • Import Dynamics Workflows solution to CRM
  • Import Recurring Invoices solution to CRM (must be imported after Dynamics Workflows is imported)
  • In Sales>Invoice Templates create new record of Invoice Template and fill in the information as per image.


  1. For testing purpose use the Daily billing cycle to generate a testing invoice at midnight each day.
  2. The Number of Invoices field is automatically updated by the workflow every time new invoice is created. The workflow stops when number of invoices is same or greater than number of billing cycles.
  3. Add Invoice Template Line Items (Products and Write-in products) same as you add line items to an invoice. Add products using the grid: Invoice Template Line Items. 

You are now ready to run the workflow.
Click >More (3 dots)>Run Workflow> Select: “Recurring invoices version 2” workflow, and run the workflow.
Test that the workflow works as expected.

Applying Templates to Other Accounts

Clients (accounts) can be grouped into Invoice Templates, if they have same billing cycle, same invoice line items and same prices.
You can apply the templates to all accounts of the same invoice template:
1. Open the invoice template you wish to replicate.
2. Click: Copy Template button on toolbar
3. Add the accounts you wish to apply this Invoice Template
4. Select the Next Billing Date and Number of Billing Cycles
5. Select to automatically start the workflow for all new templates 
6. Submit
This function will create copies of Invoice templates with their corresponding Invoice Line Items Templates and start the selected workflow automatically.

Workflow Logic

The Recurring Invoices Version 2 workflow has the following workflow steps:
Step 1: Check if Number of Invoices >= Number of billing cycles to ensure we do not bill beyond the billing period. If true it is then sends an email to the Account owner to notify the workflow stopped successfully
Step 2: Wait till Next Billing Day
Step 3: Activate Dynamics Workflow Invoice Create plug-in to create new invoice
Step 4: Update the Invoice Template by incrementing the last stored value of Number of Invoices, by 1.
Step 5: For each billing cycle update the Next Billing Date to represent the number of days / months between current billing date and next billing date.
Step 6: Exit this workflow instance and call same workflow again (loop) to create new instance.


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