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Docs- Grouping Report Data

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. Grouping highlights the different options we offer and the amount the clients is due to pay for unpaid invoices for each month. In addition, when the items in the report have dollar value, for each group we can present the total amount for the group. In price quotation, as an example, it allows the client comparing between the different options.

Hide / Display text in CRM “Word Templates”


In this post I will show how text can be hidden or displayed, based on selected option in the CRM record. 

Consider a letter, sent from the local library, which only one of the 2 below  mutually exclusive lines, should be displayed

Upload CRM Word Templates to SharePoint

In this post I will show the Workflow steps to achieve same functionality by automating & scheduling this process, with CRM Workflow.

In our example, we create the workflow for the Invoice entity, to PDF the “DO_Invoice-Elaborated” Word Template, and upload it to a set location in SharePoint. 
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How to Email Docs Template with Workflow

This article assumes you have the knowledge of how to create a workflow to send an Email.

The workflow task Send Email performs two functions: create Email and Send Email.

To send Docs Template as PDF attachment to an Email, we use the workflow Create Email rather than Send Email, while the customized task Email Docs Template sends the Email.


Dynamics Docs - Tutorial 1: How to Create New Docs Template

With Dynamics Docs CRM Users can easily design report documents by merging CRM fields, from an entity and related entities, in Word document. This tutorial will take you step by step how to create a new Docs Template
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Invalid License Error / Product Key

This knowledgebase post applies to the licensing of all Dynamics Objects products

If you receive an error of “Invalid License (Product Key)” or similar, there are a number of issues that may cause the problem:

1.            The Organization Unique Name is case sensitive and mast be exactly the same as the Organization Unique Name in the CRM Organization, where the product is installed. Verify the Org Name in Settings>Customization>Developer Resources.

2.            User(s) is not assigned with the Security Role provided with the solution, and have no access to read the license stored in DO-Settings.

3.            In the DO-Settings record, the Type field does not match the product for this Product Key

4.            In DO-Settings there is more than 1 record with same Product Type. Make sure that such record is not deactivated as it is still counted as duplicated record.

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Email “Unpaid Invoice Reminder” with Dynamics CRM Workflow

Here are step by step instructions on how to send an Email with invoice as an attachment or in the body of the Email using CRM Workflow. You can also watch it on this video

The Workflow starts when new Invoice is created and has the following steps:

Step 1: Wait Condition – Wait till the due date the invoice needs to be paid. Using the Process>Time Out condition we can set the workflow to wait till X days / months after the Invoice Created On date.

Step 2: Check Condition – On the due date we check that the invoice is still not paid

Step 3: Create Email – Create an Email with subject line, sent from the owner of the invoice record to the primary contact of the account.

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