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Upload document to SharePoint and return the External URL

Step by step images for the workflow to upload document to SharePoint and return the sharing External URL:

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Workflow Examples

Dynamics Objects CRM solution comes with six workflow examples to demo Dynamics Workflows functionality.

You can mix and repeat the different functions provided in Dynamics Workflows. The general rule is that you first select Add Step>Dynamics Workflows and select the function you wish to use. This step will open a form for input parameters.  The second step is Add Step>Update Record and you select which records to update with the output parameters.

You may have a situation that you need 2 steps for input parameters to get the required output parameter. If this is the case (as explained in workflow: Workflow example - Math Functions 2 input forms) you then must edit the Description Field so that the plug-in can reference each instance differently)

Dynamics Workflows

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