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Clone records with Workflow- Recurring Cloning

With Clone pro user can set up what to clone including the cloning of related entities, like products when cloning invoice. Now you can clone with Workflow!

Invalid License Error / Product Key

This knowledgebase post applies to the licensing of all Dynamics Objects products

If you receive an error of “Invalid License (Product Key)” or similar, there are a number of issues that may cause the problem:

1.            The Organization Unique Name is case sensitive and mast be exactly the same as the Organization Unique Name in the CRM Organization, where the product is installed. Verify the Org Name in Settings>Customization>Developer Resources.

2.            User(s) is not assigned with the Security Role provided with the solution, and have no access to read the license stored in DO-Settings.

3.            In the DO-Settings record, the Type field does not match the product for this Product Key

4.            In DO-Settings there is more than 1 record with same Product Type. Make sure that such record is not deactivated as it is still counted as duplicated record.

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Dynamics Clone

Clone a record with one click of a button. Save data entry of similar fields for different records of same entity. Create the first record> Click: Clone Record. The new record is opened in new windows. Dynamics Clone is compatible with CRM2011 and CRM2013

Dynamics Clone

Download the solution and import it to CRM. Read here on how to import CRM solutions and how to enter the product key for extended trial version (7 days trial does not require product key) or for paid license.
The clone function is available in any record list view of all system and customized entities, when only one record is selected. The clone function is also available in the forms of Account, Contact, Appointment and Task entities.

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