Workflow to upload documents from Notes to SharePoint

By Dianna on 9/8/2018

Consider a scenario that invoices are created in CRM, and then an invoice document is generated and attached to the invoice Note. We wish to upload the invoice document that is attached to the Note, with metadata from the Invoice entity.

Firstly configure the invoice entity for SPO functionality. Select the fields to be used for SharePoint metadata, the folder structure, and enable the document overwrite option.

We need to create 2 workflows. We also need to add a field to invoice entity, New Note Created, with two options: Yes / No, with No as default value.

Workflow 1 – This workflow is triggered when new Note is created and document is attached to it.

If so, the workflow step Update Record will update the New Note Created as Yes.

Workflow 2 – This workflow is triggered “When record fields change” and select the field New Note Created.

Next step is to ensure New Note Created=Yes and if so, perform Dynamics SPO step: Upload from Notes Attachments.

Last step is to update “New Note Created” as No, to make the field ready if another attachment needs to be uploaded.

Workflow 1


Workflow 2

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