Dynamics PDF-Docs WF to Email Word Template as attachment to Email

By Dianna on 5/12/2018

This example is for a workflow to Email Invoice as PDF attachment.

The example also provides additional steps in case a Time Out error comes upe occasionaly. This aditional step can only be implemented with Dynamics PDF-Docs downloaded after 10th April 18 (version 2.2.8 or higher). Version upgrade is free for the lifetime of the product. The optional Workflow steps are explained further down this post

The workflow has 3 Steps

Step 1: Create Email> make sure the task is to Create (not send) Email. Enter all dynamic values of the sender, to whom to Email, the subject line & body text.


Step2: SetWordTemplate - This steps generates Word Document from the CRM Word Template.

Make sure the Word Template is designed for the Entity of the Workflow (in our example, it’s a Word template for invoice entity)

Make sure the Target is at the format of: (EntityName(EntityName)) as in the image. If you can not create this format, please refer to Common Workflow Mistakes.

Step 3: Add Word Template - This step PDF the Word document generated in step 2 and attached it to the Email created in step 1, therefore the Email field can not be empty. In the latest version release of Dynamics PDF-Docs, we replace this process with 2 seperated Workflow steps to double the amount of time before Time Error is created.  

In this step you can select the file name to be dynamic (like Invoice Number) rather than fix text as in this example.

Perform action and send Email now, is a feature to delay sending the Email if you wish adding other attachments to the Email or perform other actions, on the Email, before it is sent.


In some instances when the CRM server is too busy, the internet is slow or the PDF file has many pages to PDF and /or needs to retrieve the content of many fields or from many entities, the WF can run into time out issue.

If this is the case please follow these 2 additional steps

Make sure that Dynamics PDF-Docs version was released after 10th April 18 (version 2.2.8 or higher)

Replace the last step as per the workflow above “Add Word Template”

With the steps:

“Create Word Template” which has exact same input fields as  “Add Word Template”


“PDF Word Template” which has one input parameter pointing to the record created in previous step.


The properties of PDF Word Documents are dynamic values as per this image:


Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF