How to upload document to SharePoint with Workflow or from the Form UI

By Dianna on 5/21/2017

Before you start, you need to configure the credentials to allow Dynamics PDF access to SharePoint.

Go to Settings>Solutions and click to open Dynamics PDF-Docs solution

Enter the  SharePoint URL as well as the credential of a user to access SharePoint

You have two options. You either select to save documents in SharePoint, in the associated entity folder, the common way CRM creates folders in SharePoint. Alternatively you can save to a nominated location. By default this location is on the SharePoint URL. You can also specify (optional) the relative path of a subsite where the location selected above is not on the SharePoint URL.

These settings are used when users upload document to SharePoint from the User Interface in the record form and when this process is automated with workflow.

What is unique about the workflow is the ability to save with the documents, fields from CRM records. This data is stored in the columns of the list and can serve when filtering views, search or trigger SharePoint workflows.

The workflow has 3 steps. In below example, the workflow is for the Invoice entity. Image of the workflow steps and the properties of each step are below.

This is the image of the end result, a document uploaded to SharePoint.

Work Flow steps;

SetWordTemplate Properties

Add Word template Properties;

Save to SharePoint Properties:

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