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Dynamics 365 Editable Grids

By on 11/11/2016

Microsoft introducing Editable grids for Dynamics 365.


To enable the Editable Grid control for the CRM Web Client,

Navigate to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System

Select the entity for which you want inline editing (ex. Account), click the Controls tab. 

The “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Read-only Grid” is the initial default control for Web, Phone, and Tablet.

click Add Controls to display the “Add Control” dialog.

Select Editable Grid and Click on Add

For the Editable Grid control select the Web option

Select the Web radio button for Editable grid, this means Editable grid is enabled for Web client. 

Save and Publish the entity

Test Editable Grid:

Navigate to Sales > Accounts and Select view. Edit the field which you want to update

To update the Edited data, click Save button. Edited data will be updated on row change event too




To Open the  record form editor, just double click on the record.

Editable Grid Properties:

Group by Column:

It is for allow the user to group data by any column from current view, and default value is “Enabled”.

Applying grouping for Grid, select the group by field. 

Ex: Group the grid by the field “Account Name”.

Enable Editable Grid for SubGrid:

To apply Editable Grids to a sub grid,

Go to Form Editor, select the subgrid of your choice, click Change Properties, and click Controls Tab to add Editable grid control same as Home Grid.

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