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Business rules made user friendly in Dynamics 365

By on 11/10/2016

As we know business rules are introduced in CRM 2013 version.

Business rules UI has changed in Dynamics 365,

This UI is more friendly the end user.

 Business rules can be set to apply to all Main or Quick Create entity forms or specific Main forms that you choose. You can also set the rule to apply to an entity.


You can transport business rules from one organization to another by including them in a solution and you can install solutions that contain business rules.


If you need to configure Business rules you must have the Activate Business Rules privilege.

There are four ways to create, view and edit business rules.



·         Set field values

·         Clear field values

·         Set field requirement levels

·         Show or hide fields

·         Enable or disable fields

·         Validate data and show error messages


We can apply the above actions on CRM forms.


The new Business Rules UI looks as below. 

From the Add button we can add conditions and Actions

The below is the condition box. 

It has two branches, one for True block and another for false block.

If the condition satisfies the True block action will be executed, otherwise the false block action will be executed.

We can see the text view, where all the flow of the conditions and actions can display as user readable format.  Shown as below image.

And we can see the mini map as shown below image.

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