Add Voice of Customer to Dynamics Portal

By Dianna on 6/1/2016

Microsoft CRM 2016 online comes with free Voice of the Customer survey, to gain valuable feedback from your customers about the products and services your company provides. The survey solution is installed from Microsoft Office 365>Manage all CRM Online instances>Solutions.

Dynamics Self-Service Customer portal comes with free integration to the Microsoft Survey. The Survey can be automatically triggered when the customer logs on Dynamics Portal, to submit new incident, view case status or view invoices or when the customer logs off the Portal.

To add survey to the portal is very simple.

Go to CRM>Settings>Portal Settings.

Click to open the Voice of Customer Tab

Message to client is the text that comes up offering the client to take a survey.

URL label is the text the client clicks to open the survey URL

Survey URL is the URL generated by Microsoft where the Voice of Customer survey is hosted on Azure.

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