How clients access the portal?

By Dianna on 3/19/2016

For client to access the portal he or she must be a contact record in Dynamics CRM. If the client does not have a contact record in CRM or not sure if he has one, the client can use the New User Registration Form to submit his personal details. We identify the person logging on the portal or registering as new user, by the person’s Email address. The User Name to logon the portal is always the email address of the client, and the password is saved in the Contact record, in the section named: Access Privilege from Customer Portal.

The portal is made of modules. Some modules, like Knowledgebase Articles and Sales Literature the aces to view them can be set to Anonymous, in the sense that there is no need to logon the portal to  read the content of these records. By default, access to most modules is set to None.

There are four levels of privileges to a module

None > the default state which does not provide any access to the module

Contact > the client can only read, create or update his own records

Account > the client can read, create and update his own records, and the records of his Account (company)

Organization > the client can read, create and update his own records, and the records of his Account, and the records of all accounts that are child relationship to his account.

Customer self-service portal saves time answering phone calls. To monitor how often clients are using the portal, every time the client logs on the portal the fields Last Visit (date) and number of visits to site are updated.

CRM Portal
CRM Portal