How to upload portal to Azure?

By Dianna on 2/28/2016

There are two ways to upload the portal to Azure, using FTP or directly from Visual Studio.

FTP – using program like Filezilla, connect to the Azure URL for FTP or FTPS hostname, using username and password of FTP/Deployment username.
Unzip the file “Published Portal.Zip”, and upload the unzipped files and directories to the default location for website, at: /site/wwwroot. You upload to FTP by selecting the files and subdirectories of the published portal and dragging them to the selected location (directory) on Azure.

Visual Studio 2012 – In Azure>Website> click: Get Publish Profile and save to disk. Unzip “Visual Studio 2012 Soultion.Zip” and open the solution in Visual Studio. In Solution Explorer window, right click on CustomerPortal and select Publish. In “Select or import a publish profile” click the Import button and select the profile exported from Azure. Click Publish and the website will be uploaded to Azure.


CRM Portal
CRM Portal