Dynamics Docs - Tutorial 1: How to Create New Docs Template

By Dianna on 9/19/2015

With Dynamics Docs CRM Users can easily design report documents by merging CRM fields, from an entity and related entities, in Word document. This tutorial will take you step by step how to create a new Docs Template

Download: Docs Template Tutorial.

Step 1: Create Word Document

Design a Word document as you will do with any document you wish to present in-house or to clients. In any location in the document, such as a paragraph or a table, insert placeholders which our program with replace with attributes from CRM. A placeholder has the format text  within double smaller than and greater than symbols. The text can only have characters, digits and underscores. Here are some examples of valid placeholders:
<<My_Client_Name>>   <<AddressOne>>   <<Current_Date1>>    <<Total_Amount_4>>

Step2: Upload as Docs Templates

Once you are satisfied with the document content and design, save to hard disk. The below tutorial document will be available in the Account’s form and list views. Account is the main entity. Cases are related entities to Accounts and are displayed in a table.

Go to CRM>Settings>Docs Templates

Click: Import Template. Select and upload the saved Word document.

Click: Import

The first time a document is imported as Docs Template you receive a message to create new.

Click: OK


Primary Entity: Account

Report Name: Cases per Account

Click the refresh icon on the right and above the table to refresh the list and Case per Account Docs Template is imported to CRM

Step 3: Add Fields to Template

In this step we “link” CRM attributes (fields) with the document placeholders.

Click to select the template Cases per Account

Click the button Add Fields to Template which is now enabled.

Our program reads the place holders and displays them one by one, in the Merge Tags pick-list.

 In our tutorial document, <<Account_Name>> is displayed as first placeholder.

The account name is in the Account entity. Select Related Entities as Account, the Primary Entity.

Select View:  skip this field

Fields: Account Name, which is the attribute in Account that stores the account name.

Click: Insert Attribute.

Next place holder is  <<CaseOrigin>>

Related Entities: in the  1:N Relationship select incident(customerid)

Select View: All Cases

Fields: Origin

Click: Insert Attribute

Complete this process for all the document’s placeholders. Note that in the Merge Tags picklist, placeholders that are processed the font colour is blue.

When completed, click: Save to Document.

Your Docs Template is now ready to be used.

Click: Sales>Account. Select for the list of accounts 5 records and click: Dynamics Docs: Cases per Account

The report is displayed in HTML format. You can change the report file name, select if you wish to report in body of Email or as attachment and click send

Open an Account record. Similar function is available in the form with extra features like save to Note or save to hard disk

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