Email CRM Report as PDF Attachment (CRM On Premise only)

By Dianna on 7/26/2015

New feature in Dynamics Workflow: Email PDF ReportThe workflow has two steps:

Step 1: Create Email, set the sender and recipient email address, in a similar way you create any new Email

Step 2: Email PDF Report. In the Set Properties window enter the following information:

The login credential of CRM user, in the format of: Domain\User and Password. We separate the Domain\User into two fields, one for the domain and the second one for the user name.

Report Server URL: the location and folder of Report Server, in the format of servername/reportserver or serverIP/reportserver

Make sure you publish the CRM report first. If the report has sub report, publish both reports.

Report Name- The name of the report as it comes up in the

Email: Look up to the Email created in previous step. In Form Assistant, select Look For=Local Values  and then select and ADD the Email Message option.

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