Dynamics Workflows: Garbage Collector, Resolve Case, Random Number

By Dianna on 11/8/2014

Three new workflows

Garbage Collector

One of the difficulties in identifying of duplicate Account records is that there is no consistency in the way users enter the Account Name field.  There is mix use of letters and words like: Corp, and, &, + , - , LTD, limited, Associates, Association and ( ).

Some CRM users enter company and contact names, with all letters are in uppercase or lowercase. This can be an issue in mail merge when addressing customers in formal emails or letters.

Garbage Collector function in Dynamics Workflows remove all these unrequired letters and words, remove extra spaces between words, and converts the text in the field to uppercase, lowercase, title case or sentence case.

The workflow has two steps. The first step is to input workflow parameters and the second step is to update the record with the Result returned from Garbage Collector.

Resolve Case

Workflow function to automate the steps required to resolve case automatically. In the Input Properties screen, select how you want the case to be resolved.

Random Number

Workflow function to create random numbers.

 In the Input Properties screen, select the format of the random number