Sum up the Values in Fields of Child Records - Update the Total in Parent Entity

By Dianna on 7/27/2014

In this post we will show how Dynamics Workflows, Stats on The Fly function, can sum up the values stored in records of child entity and update the sum of those fields in the record of the parent entity.

Consider this situation. As an account manager, you wish the account records be automatically updated whenever new invoice is created for an account. Moreover you not only wish to compare it with last month total sales, but you also wish the workflow to automatically update the account records with number of sales, average amount of an invoice, the invoice with the highest  and lowest amount and compare this month with last month results.

To implement this solution you need to download from this location these 2 solutions and import them to CRM:


2.     Stats

For the purpose of this demo, the results are written in the Description field on the Account record. For the purpose of running sales reports, it is better to update the corresponding fields, to the below results, in the account form.

CRM 2011

CRM 2013