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By Dianna on 1/7/2014

Dynamics Objects CRM solution comes with six workflow examples to demo Dynamics Workflows functionality.

You can mix and repeat the different functions provided in Dynamics Workflows. The general rule is that you first select Add Step>Dynamics Workflows and select the function you wish to use. This step will open a form for input parameters.  The second step is Add Step>Update Record and you select which records to update with the output parameters.

You may have a situation that you need 2 steps for input parameters to get the required output parameter. If this is the case (as explained in workflow: Workflow example - Math Functions 2 input forms) you then must edit the Description Field so that the plug-in can reference each instance differently)

Short description of each workflow example


  1. 1. Workflow example - Math Functions 2 input forms

The purpose is to calculate the weighted average of an opportunity by using the formula: (Est. Revenue X Probability)/100. In the first step we input the opportunity fields: Est. Revenue and Probability. As we are going to have 2 instances of Math Function we modify the Description field to: “Multiply Revenues times Probability”
In the second input form we enter the process calculated result of the Multiplication of “Multiply Revenues times Probability” as First Value and 100 as Second Value. We give this instance the description: “divide by 100”.  In the third step we update the Opportunity record by with the Division function of “divide by 100”


  1. 2. Workflow example - Math Functions 2 input forms with change field type

Similar workflow as: Workflow example - Math Functions 2 input forms, but with an additional function to convert a number result to string.


  1. 3. Workflow example - Date and Math Functions calculate person age

In this workflow we calculate the age on the Contact person, based on today’s date and the current date {Execution Time(Process)}  and to convert the age from days to years we then divide the result by 365.


  1. 4. Workflow example - Dates and Math Functions case created after hours

The workflow checks if a case is created after hours. The input parameter is the case created date and time. Based on two if conditions we determine if the case was created after hours. If so, we use the Text Function to join the existing content of the title field of the case with the text case created before or after hours.
Time is returned in decimal format (example: 8:15AM is returned as 8.25)


  1. 5. Workflow Example - Text Function create email address from website address- single step

This workflow takes as input 3 parameters: website address, the text: http://www. And the text: “Info@” and will replace the third text string wherever it finds the second text string in the first text string


  1. 6. Workflow Example - Text Function create email address from website address- two  step

In the previous example we assume that the web site address will always start with “http://www. “ This is not always the case as some website adresses may start with “www.” Only. This workflow finds the first occurrence of “.” in the website field, trims the text to the right of the dot and join it with “Info@”


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