Importing Solutions to Dynamics CRM, Security Roles and Product Keys

By Dianna on 10/20/2013

Download the solution package as zip file. Do not unzip the file.
Save the zip file to your computer hard disk. Saving on network drive slows down the process of verifying and importing solutions to CRM.

Logon to CRM as System Administrator
Click: Settings>Solutions & click Import on the solutions toolbar
Click: Browse and point to the solution package (zip file)
Click: Next. Allow few minutes to upload the solution package
Click: Next to accept Solution Information
Select: Activate any processes and enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution.
Click: Next.

Allow few minutes to import customizations (large solutions can take about 10-15 minutes to import). 
When the process is completed, download the XML Document and check that customization has been imported successfully. Open the file in Excel and ensure that the process is 100% completed. If the process is not completed 100%, forward the Excel file to our support team to resolving the cause for failed import.
Click: Close
Click: F5 key to refresh CRM or reload the application to ensure the new entities of the solution are displayed correctly

Best Practice:
If you import same solution again, you will be asked to overwrite existing solution. If you have customized the solution, selecting this option will overwrite your customization.
It is recommended not to modify the solution during trial period to ensure smooth deletion of the imported solution.

Clear browser cache. This step eliminates situations where you import new solution but still using code cached in the browser from previous version of same solution. While in browser, click F12, select Cache from toolbar and then click: “Clear Browser Cache …”

Security Role
Always remember to add the security role, if one is provided with the solution, to all users that require access to the solution’s entities. If Dynamics Objects solution includes such role, the name of the role always starts with the word “Dynamics”. To add the security role, follow these steps:
Click: Settings>Administration>Users. Select and open the record of the user to add security role.
Click: Security Roles>Manage Roles. Select the relevant role to add to the existing security roles of the user.

Product Key
Dynamics Objects come with default 7 day trial. To add the Product Key for extended 30 day trial or paid license, follow these steps:
Click: Settings>DO-Settings and click to create new record.
Select the product from the product's list. Enter the product key and save

Uninstall / Remove Solution
It is recommended not to modify the solution during trial period to ensure smooth deletion of the imported solution
Click: Settings>Solutions
Select: the solution you wish to remove & click the Remove button on toolbar

Product Key
Security Role