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How to Organize Dynamics CRM Documents in SharePoint

Not many companies are aware of the capability of Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration, and the benefits for their business.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration helps users to view and share stored documents easily, and increase productivity and strengthen the collaboration between the different business units and teams in the organization.

Although SharePoint is included in Office 365 plan, not many organizations are utilizing this service and integrate it with Dynamics 365. In an article published recently (Read Here), we point out the limitations inherent from CRM out-of-box integration with SharePoint:


Docs- Grouping Report Data

Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. Grouping highlights the different options we offer and the amount the clients is due to pay for unpaid invoices for each month. In addition, when the items in the report have dollar value, for each group we can present the total amount for the group. In price quotation, as an example, it allows the client comparing between the different options.

Upload document to SharePoint and return the External URL

Step by step images for the workflow to upload document to SharePoint and return the sharing External URL:

Dynamics PDF

From Word Template PDF to DocuSign and upload to SharePoint

Great new feature just added to Dynamics PDF-Docs to automate full E-Signature process with DocuSign.

  1. Document is generated in CRM using Word Template
  2. One click to PDF the document and attach it to Notes, using Dynamics PDF-Docs
  3. Complete process where to sign using DocuSign (if required)
  4. DocuSign manages the E-Signature process in background
  5. The signed document is attached to Notes (by DocuSign)  with the suffix _Sign to the original file name
  6. PDF-Docs workflows identifies the signed document and uploads it to SharePoint with metadata from the record’s fields.

The workflow has 1 step: Notes to SP which is configured as in this image

Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF

Hide / Display text in CRM “Word Templates”


In this post I will show how text can be hidden or displayed, based on selected option in the CRM record. 

Consider a letter, sent from the local library, which only one of the 2 below  mutually exclusive lines, should be displayed

How to upload document to SharePoint with Workflow or from the Form UI

Before you start, you need to configure the credentials to allow Dynamics PDF access to SharePoint.Go to Settings>Solutions and click to open Dynamics PDF-Docs solution
Enter the  SharePoint URL as well as the credential of a user to access SharePoint

Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF

Upload CRM Word Templates to SharePoint

In this post I will show the Workflow steps to achieve same functionality by automating & scheduling this process, with CRM Workflow.

In our example, we create the workflow for the Invoice entity, to PDF the “DO_Invoice-Elaborated” Word Template, and upload it to a set location in SharePoint. 
Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics Docs
Dynamics PDF

Add step “SetWordTemplate” to a workflow

Dynamics PDF-Docs is add on that converts documents generated from CRM Word Template, to PDF file. The process can be automated with a workflow, like send an Email with the Word Template attached as PDF file. The workflow will have these main steps:

Dynamics Workflows
Dynamics PDF

Close opportunity in Dynamics 365 using Workflow

By on 12/29/2016

Dynamics 365 Introduces predefined actions, one of the actions are Close Opportunity. 

Dynamics 365 Editable Grids

By on 11/11/2016

Microsoft introducing Editable grids for Dynamics 365.

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