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Add functionality to Dynamics CRM OOB Workflows

The solution includes the following additional workflow functions:

Text Functions - joins two text strings, find and replace one text with another, right and left trim of text.

Math Functions - calculates the sum, multiplication, division, and difference of two fields of a record. Convert one field type to another.

Date Functions - finds the difference between 2 days or a date and today's date. Convert date to day of the week, the month and the year. The workflow also extracts the time from date / time field and convert to decimal format.

Stats-On-The-Fly – calculates the sum, total number of records, average, median, minimum and maximum value of a field for group of records filtered using Roll-up Queries. The calculated results are displayed on the screen using synchronous workflow (available in CRM 2013) or updated in the record. Implemented whenever you need to perform maths calculations on serious of child records and save the results in the parent record.

Business Hours - calculates the number of Business Hours between two date/time fields or calculate a due date by adding Business Hours to a date/time field.

Conversion Functions – converts the number that represents day of the week or month of the year into day and month names and vice versa. Converts a string like “3-6” to a period “March-June”

Invoice Modify – Think of an automated system that creates CRM invoices but do not provide details related to the time the invoice is created, such as month or period of time. With Invoice Modify an invoice line item like: “Cleaning Services” with be modified to “Cleaning Services for March” or “Cleaning Services for January-April”

Invoice Create – automatically create recurring invoices with write in line items or with existing products.

Email Report as PDF Attachment -  Schedule an automated Email with Report attached as PDF file, to the Email (for CRM on premise only)

There's so much that can be done with Dynamics CRM workflows, to streamline the way you work, that we are offering Dynamics Workflows with
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Yes, you only pay US$290 for the Dynamics Workflows core CRM solution and we will adjust it to your real-life business processes. Our “adjustment” may include additional fields and JavaScript to achieve perfect business process for your organization.  Dynamics Workflows can be translated virtually to hundreds of business processes and productive CRM workflows.


Here are some of the processes we tailored for customers. If you don’t find the exact match to your own business process, we will create this extra functionality at no additional cost to you!
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Dynamics Workflows Solution
Before you download any of the below solutions or workflows examples, you need to import to CRM the Dynamics Workflows solution only. 
Solution file name: DynamicsWorkflows_1_0_0_X_SolutionOnly_managed.zip
After importing the solution to CRM assign users with "Dynamics Workflow" role.
To learnt more how Dynamics Workflows work, you can import the below workflow examples and real life CRM solutions.


Nine Workflows Examples 
Workflows Example are short and simple nine workflows using existing CRM entities and existing attributes (fields) to demo how to use Math, Text, Dates and Business Hours functions included in Dynamics Workflows Solution
Solution file name: Nine Workflow Examples of Business Hours, Date, Text and Math functions.zip


Recurring Invoice
The solution will automatically create new invoice once a week, month or any other selected period of time. 
Solution file name:  Recurring Invoice_1_0_0_0_managed.zip


Workflow Examples - Stats On The Fly
Examples on how to sum up the values in records of child entity and update the total in parent entity. Practical implementation scenarios: 
Update total sales by adding up the total amount on invoices and updating the result in the account record.
Solution file name: Stats OnTheFly_Examples_For_CRM2011_and_CRM2013.zip


Workflow Examples of Conversion and Invoice Modify
Example on how to convert dates to day, month and year name and vice versa 
Modify invoice line item and inserting dates a period
Solution file name: Workflow Examples of Conversion And Invoice Modify.zip


Add Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionality to CRM
The solution adds three fields to the Contract Line entity: 
Response- how soon you need to start resolving the case
Escalate– when to escalate the case resolution process
Resolve– the maximum time allowed for a case to stay unresolved
One Contract can have one or more Contract Lines with different response, escalate and resolve times. When new case is created and a contract line is selected, the SLA times are retrieved from the contract line and populated in the Case. The contract line selection triggers a workflow that calculates the response, escalate & resolve dates & times taking into consideration the actual Business Hours retrieved from Contract Template and Business Closure days. The workflow also calculates the actual time (in Business Hours) it took the team to firstly respond to the case and the time to resolve it.

Download the solution for CRM2011 or CRM2013: 


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Recurring Invoices / Subscription Invoicing System for Dynamics Workflows.

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