Dynamics Objects – Accelerating Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of the business. For most organizations Digital Transformation starts with managing documents, and the need for such transformation is customer’s expectations. Customers are expecting efficient, fast, and bi-directional exchange of documents with the organizations they are dealing with. Businesses create documents, such as price quotations, orders, invoices, contracts, statements, forms, and more. Customers expect on-demand access to documents, as well as processing, paying, and submitting query related forms to the organization.

Dynamics Objects provides solutions from the point documents are generated, where they are stored, how easily they can be found and retrieved, and how documents are delivered to the customer, from the legacy desktop to the latest technology of mobile devices.

Dynamics Objects helps organization with Digital Transformation, offering solutions based on Dynamics CRM (Dynamics 365), SharePoint and the integration of both platforms with ERP and web based portal solutions.

Drive your digital transformation with Dynamics 365 and SharePoint.

Dynamics Objects improves Dynamics 365 and SharePoint Platforms supporting your business to better meet the changing market and customers’ needs.

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Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Integration

Documents Management with CRM and SharePoint

Digital Transformation Step by Step


Documents are generated in CRM using Word Templates and Dynamics Docs. Documents are generated from templates, by inserting fields from CRM records of the entity and related entities. Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics Docs generate documents and PDF the documents on the fly.


Documents are delivered to internal users or external recipients of the organization, either from the User interface or with CRM Workflow.
Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics Docs store the generated documents in the record’s Notes and deliver them as PDF attachments to Email messages. SharePoint documents are attached to the Email message together with the documents generated in CRM or delivered using External URL of the document location in SharePoint.
With Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics Docs documents are delivered and stored in SharePoint Location with metadata / column from the record’s fields.


CRM is great product to store structured data. Documents are unstructured data and better if stored in SharePoint. Storing CRM documents in SharePoint contributes to better team collaboration of non-CRM users, providing them access to the documents they need. Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) uploads documents from CRM Email attachments, from attachments to Notes, and from hard disk. Documents are uploaded with metadata / column from the record’s fields. Documents are uploaded from User Interface or with CRM workflows. 


Automate how documents are uploaded to SharePoint, wherever and whatever tool generates the documents, by emailing the documents to SharePoint. With Dynamics Email2SP anyone within or external to the organization can Email documents to a nominated CRM Queue and upload them to a nominated SharePoint Location, with metadata from the Email subject line, body and sender Email address.  


Always updated SharePoint List with records from CRM entities. Increase team collaboration by providing SharePoint users access to selected entities and record’s fields in CRM. Records are filtered using selected views to ensure external CRM users can only have access to the information they need.  

Bespoke connectors to display data from external databases and external lists as CRM records of Virtual Entities.

One click functions, in Dynamics 365 for phones and tablets for immediate document generation, PDF and delivery as Email attachment. 


Provide customers and suppliers secured portal to download copy of invoices, payment receipts, orders, contacts and similar documents from a portal linked to SharePoint.

Provide customers and suppliers submitting forms and manage job (artwork) approval using Dynamics Documents portal