Documents creation, management and delivery for Dynamics CRM (365) and SharePoint


Solutions Overview


Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics Docs

Generate documents with fields inserted from CRM records or use CRM Word Templates to generate the documents, PDF the documents and attach them to Notes, Emails and save in SharePoint

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Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO)

Methodological way to organize documents in SharePoint so that they can be easily found when they are needed. Upload documents from CRM to SharePoint, store the documents with metadata from the record’s attributes (fields) and in any SharePoint folder structure, and track them in CRM.

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Payment Gateways (Credit Card Payments) for CRM and CRM portal

Accept credit card payments in CRM and CRM Portal.

Tailored solution to customise shopping carts in CRM, and the integration with other ERP systems of the organization

Boost your cash flow by adding “Pay Now” button to invoices and Account Statements and provide payment facility using CRM Portal to pay with credit card and e-Check.

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Dynamics Docs Migration

Desktop application that reads CSV file and imports documents from local or network hard disk to the Notes of records of selected CRM Entity. Using Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) the uploaded files to CRM are then moved to SharePoint with metadata from the fields in the CSV file.

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